Barton 99927 VS Costway EP22270BK

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Barton 99927

Barton 99927

Ensue Air Fryer is an innovative appliance that lets you cook a variety of meals quickly, easily and deliciously. It uses hot air circulation technology which combine high-speed air circulation (Rapid


Costway EP22270BK

Costway EP22270BK

This is our high-quality air fryer, which provides an easy and healthy way of preparing your favorite ingredients. By using hot rapid air circulation and a grill, it is able to make numerous dishes. The

Overview and Specs Barton 99927 VS Costway EP22270BK

Appearance, Dimensions and Technical Details Barton 99927 VS Costway EP22270BK

Barton 99927 Costway EP22270BK
Product Depth (in.) 17 7.5
Product Height (in.) 16 12.6 in
Product Width (in.) 13 7.5 in
Appliance Type Deep Fryer Air Fryers
Capacity (oz.) 202 88
Capacity (qt.) 6.3 2.7
Color/Finish White Black
Commercial/Residential Residential Residential
Features No Additional Features No Additional Features
Includes No Additional Items No Additional Items
Number of Pieces 1 1
Number of Temperature/Cooking Controls 1 80
Preset Cooking Options Air Fry Air Fry
Returnable 180-Day 180-Day
Small Appliances Color Family White Black
Small Electric Product Type Air Fryer Air Fryer
Wattage (watts) 1700 1500 W

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Barton 99927

Costway EP22270BK

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